About District VIII


As a unique volunteer-based organization, CASE District VIII serves and supports all members of the district by offering outstanding professional development and informational resources, exemplifying professional best practices, recognizing exceptional work and accomplishments, and advocating for increased diversity in the industry, while remaining mindful of geographic locations, institutional types, and advancement fields. 


Borderless in our thinking and in our efforts, CASE District VIII is the premier professional association for educational advancement.

Values and Guiding Principles

As active members within the region, we are advocates for advancement professionals and our educational institutions.

  • We represent the people whose institutions transform the lives of students and enhance their extended communities.
  • We are inclusive and as diverse as the membership we serve.
  • We are responsive, proactive, and service-oriented.
  • Creativity and risk-taking are balanced with continuity and sustainability.
  • Operating with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity, we are accessible, accountable, and transparent.
  • Respect for our colleagues is demanded, contributions and achievements celebrated.
Strategic Priorities
  • Deliver relevant and targeted programs and communications aimed to strengthen the skills, resources, and experiences of our members. (Areas of opportunities: annual district conference, regional and executive programming, Web/print communications; mentoring of new professionals.)
  • Acknowledge and celebrate outstanding work and achievements by members in the district. (Areas of opportunities: awards program, professional achievement award program.)
  • Further the profession by advocating for and promoting diversity within advancement. (Areas of opportunities: membership, opportunity & equity program, ASAP.)
  • Recognize and celebrate the many volunteers who drive and support all CASE District VIII activities, developing a sustainable volunteer program for years to come. (Areas of opportunities: membership, annual district conference, awards program, opportunities & equity program, nominating committee.)
  • Increase the awareness of the values and benefits of membership to all non-member professionals and institutions within the district. (Areas of opportunities: membership.)