Do you yearn to learn but are limited by time or funding for conference travel?

Looking for some funding to create a mini-conference on a topic not covered at the district conference?

Have a professional challenge that is shared with colleagues in other CASE District VIII institutions?

If so, apply for CASE District VIII Venture Program funding.

New in 2017, the CASE District VIII board created the fund as a means to support members who have unique or limited professional development opportunities.

Any staff member at a CASE-member institution can apply for the funding.



CASE District VIII recognizes the importance of providing service and value to members for professional development - beyond the annual conference -  so Venture Program Funding focuses on sponsoring professional development spearheaded by CASE members when and where it works for you.  

For 2016-17, CASE District VIII has $3,000 available to award for Venture Program Funding.

Grants are generally made up to $1,000, however, larger amounts may be awarded on a case-by-case basis.

Venture Program Funding provides financial support so members can develop and administer professional development opportunities that meet their specific needs.  Funds are intended to:

  • Support networking between advancement professionals at different institutions,
  • Provide additional resources for professional development—especially for content and topics that may not be covered at the CASE District VIII annual conference, and
  • Deliver additional value to members—especially those who are unable to attend the annual conference.

Eligibility Criteria

Any professional development activity is eligible as long as it:

    • is a collaboration between any two (or more) CASE-member institutions and
    • does not occur in the same location and time frame as the CASE District VIII regional conference.

Members from non-CASE institutions are also welcome to participate.


2016-2017 Awarding Process
    • Applications will be reviewed three times per year:
  • Jan. 2
  • March 1
  • June 1
    • Applicants will be notified no later than 30 days after the review date.
    • Applicants submit budget and outcomes report within one year of funds being awarded.

Venture Program Funding recipients agree to the following:

    • Welcome any interested CASE member to participate in the planned activity.
    • Include notice of CASE District VIII sponsorship in any advertising or promotion of the professional development activity. 
    • Return any excess program funding to CASE District VIII if the program funding exceeds activity expenses.
    • Record participants, budget and outcomes and submit this information to within one year of the awarding of funds.

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