Opportunity and Inclusion

CASE District VIII aspires to help institutions connect with their diverse constituencies and create pathways for current and future employees of diverse backgrounds.

District VIII is committed to growing the diversity of the advancement profession and helping colleges, universities, community colleges and independent schools strengthen relationships with an increasingly diverse alumni population. Successful advancement offices employ individuals who can engage diverse alumni—alumni who expect approaches and programming to mirror their cultures, values, and experiences.

CASE District VIII and the Opportunity and Inclusion Committee's strategic goals are:

  • To encourage consistent recruitment, hiring, training and promotion of qualified professionals with diverse backgrounds at all levels of CASE and to serve as a resource to management.
  • To educate members of District VIII about how cultural competency and diversity impact the work environment.

Other District VIII, Opportunity and Inclusion objectives are:

  • Work with the District's executive committee and Conference Planning Committee to ensure that the annual district conference experience reflects the diversity and richness of members of our profession and the communities they serve
  • Welcome new professionals of diverse backgrounds to the district and/or the profession.
  • Serve as a conduit for volunteer professionals and students of color to get involved with CASE district conferences and activities.
  • Serve as a mentor for professionals and students of diverse backgrounds.
  • Promote and serve as a resource for CASE's Opportunity and Inclusion programming.
CASE Opportunity and Inclusion programming:

Opportunity and Inclusion Scholarship Program
Conference on Diverse Philanthropy and Leadership

Minority Advancement Institute
CASE Advancement Internship Program
CASE Affiliated Student Advancement Programs
Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and Initiatives
Diversity Staff Training


Diversity Wheel

Have questions? Contact:

Opportunity and Inclusion Chair

Michael Reza
Associate Director of Development
University Honors College and Scholarship Initiatives
Oregon State University Foundation

Opportunity and Inclusion Incoming Chair

Maureen Procopio
Senior Director
Campaign Strategy and Institutional Benchmarking 
University of Oregon